Who We Are

The RSGC Cooperative is a group of independent dispatch businesses that work in tandem for OTR drivers. Our goal is to make the driver as profitable as possible in a market where that becomes more and more difficult by the day. We pride ourselves on the services we provide and the relationships that have given us the ability to maintain those services across our time in business.

My name is Katelyn, the owner of RockDove Freight Solutions. The cooperative consists of four businesses: RockDove Freight Solutions, Gateway Freight Logistics, Smaart Movers LLC and Anna's Hands LLC. The four of us are based in the US out of Texas, Indiana and Pennsylvania. The advantages of the cooperative are simple:

1. You Are Never Without a Dispatcher

2. Sometimes it Takes a Few

3. A Pool of Resources

How It Works

To get started with us, you must sign a carrier onboarding agreement. This agreement gives us limited power of attorney to book loads on your behalf, as well as to be the liaison between you and the broker/shipper/receiving parties. 

In order to book loads on your behalf, we must have a valid W9, Certificate of Insurance showing a minimum of $1,000,000 in liability and $100,000 in cargo coverage, your MC Authority Letter from the FMCSA and your Notice of Assignment from your factoring company, if applicable.

Records are securely kept in system files to ensure we are able to go back and research any previous loads you have completed with us. 

Daily recordkeeping is done to keep track of your rate per mile, weekly gross, dispatch fees and more.

You drive, we take care of the rest.